Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Am I The One?

This is me expressing myself. This is me accepting the innate darkness I possess. It doesn't matter what people might think or say about me.

 Top: Witchery Cowl Neck "Little Black Dress", Unisex Rewind
Bottom: Drop-crotch short, Oxygen
Shoes: Havoc I, The Red Pumps

My Latest Crush: Havoc

Finally, I've purchased my first ever platform shoes. And I'm really loving it. It's a black patent brogue creepers in 4-inches platform. At first, I'm doubting myself if I can stand on it because I'm not really used to platforms. This is my very first time using such high shoes and it was so comfortable. I survived the whole day walking on it. So, Kudos to Sir Ron Ramiro for creating a monster shoes like this!

Buy this amazing shoes here.

 Me, modeling this shoes! =P


I've been busy lately so this is a super late post. Anyway, this is my second time to be photographed by my friend, Jaye. And this is the end product of our shoot!

Just a simple preppy look! ;-)

Hat: CottonOn Tops: Folded & Hung shirt Bottoms: Twill Shorts, Cotton Crew Shoes: Sandals, Milanos

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